Terms & Conditions

By marking the checkbox you hereby agree that in this transaction:

  1. you are instructing us to act as your agent, and
  2. you are the importer, and
  3. you may need to pay your local import duties and taxes, and
  4. one of our trusted suppliers is the exporter, and
  5. the transaction occurs in that supplier’s country, and
  6. it is subject to the laws within the supplier’s country

So, while we transparently broker that deal for you, it is in the role of your agent and not as a seller of pharmaceuticals. This is important because while you as an individual are allowed to purchase medication, and our suppliers are allowed to sell it in their respective countries, we are not allowed to sell it directly.

So that’s how it works – we take all the guesswork out of getting medication online and make sure you get the medication you have paid for and that it is precisely what it should be. Sadly there are some fake websites and fake medications out there, so, regardless of whether you choose to use us or not, we do strongly advise doing your research.

We provide a very simple delivery guarantee. If we don’t deliver you can choose either a refund or to have delivery attempted again.

We do require patients to have a prescription for all medications supplied. Although these medications are on the whole quite safe for most people in most circumstances they do have interactions and contraindications to safe use. If you do not have a prescription you can use our prescription service to get a prescription. This prescription will be valid for two years from the time of issue.

That’s it. Not as long or legalistic as most terms and conditions documents but we believe in keeping it simple. So, in summary, although ‘Import Pharmacy’ resembles an online pharmacy what is actually happening from a legal perspective is that you are authorizing us to act as your agent in a personal importation transaction, and we are agreeing to do a good job making that happen for you.